Tracy Anne Byles (Morris)

1971 ~ 2022

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Tracy Anne Byles (Morris), a proud Mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and grandmother.

Tracy Was born July 1st, 1971, to Michael Lloyd Byles and Nina Rae Byles. Tracy returned to her heavenly father on December 2nd, 2022.

She was loved by many and made an impression on everyone she met. Everyone who knew Tracy knew her oversized loving heart, her compassion, her brilliance, her thoughtful giving, and her sense of humor. As a young mother, she became an entrepreneur by starting a successful business that she owned and operated for many years.

Tracy had 4 children that meant the world to her. Throughout many hardships and struggles, she always found a way to make sure her family was provided for and never failed to make them feel loved.

Tracy will be loved and missed by every soul she touched and will leave a void in all our lives that could never be filled. Tracy had a beautiful one-of-a-kind soul that could never be matched. She will always live on in our hearts.

Tracy was preceded in death by her father, Michael Lloyd Byles. She is survived by her husband James Morris, and Her sons: Torry (Mary), Tanner, and Tayden. Her daughter Tabatha. Her Grandson Kamron. Her sisters Jennifer (Jason) and Kaeti (Anthony). Her Nephews Jacob, Adam, Tommy and Josh. Her Niece Adeline and her Mother Nina Rae Byles.

There will be a remembrance at Larkin Sunset Gardens, 1950 East Dimple Dell Road (10600 South), Sandy, Utah. On Saturday, December 10, 2022, from 2:00 PM-4:00 Pm

The family wishes to extend their sincere thanks and deep gratitude for all expressions of sympathy and acts of kindness shown during this time of bereavement.


Tracy was a wonderful and energetic spirit. She was kind to all she interacted with, and was a wonderful employee. My thoughts are with her family during this trying time. She will be missed.

- Jeremy Speaks

I'm a good friend of Tracy's and was her boss here at homewood suites. I'm so sadden of her lose and it breaks my heart for her and her family. My heart goes out to her kids and her mom and family. This just breaks my heart cuz I know how bad she was struggling and how she was reaching out for help and no matter what she did she still woke up everyday and to just be herself. She is such a good person such a big heart and I didn't agree with some of her choices that she's made in life but you know what at the end of the day Tracy was always always caring in worrying about everybody and just making sure those people were okay and like always wondering what her family were thinking of her and just she just wanted to be the best person that she can be . I cannot believe that this has happened Tracy you will be missed and forever loved and I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to become your friend and become your boss and just to know you as a person and I love you rest in peace mom Tracy's mom if you need anything please feel free to call I know how much she would care and I know how much she would be appreciated if I was there for you so please Mom feel free to call me anytime 801-502-4706 my name is Angela and I was Tracy's boss here at home and Suites my prayers and thoughts are with you guys but we just got to look at Tracy is in a better place and she doesn't have to worry and stress as much as she did anymore my heart goes out to the kids if there's anything I could do for you guys please just let me know okay I'm here to help cuz I know Tracy would be thankful that I watched over her family for her and if I would have known it was sooner that she had a thing today I would have been there but Tony had called me at the last minute and I was working so I couldn't get off but I will be down there to see her probably tonight or tomorrow but I will be down and going to spend some time with her my heart is hurt and I can only imagine what you guys are going through keep your heads up

- Angela anderson